02 January 2012

Miniature books en the Inventor

Tinkering, messing with materials, inventing is relaxation for me. Looking for materials, thinking, searching for inspiration ... great fun.
A nice job was making miniature books, old newspapers and other documents. Searching on the Internet, putting various kinds of paper through the printer and experimenting with it. I want the use books for different projects. For my "forgotten Christmas" and a new idea. Well, the idea is not new, but I'm now starting with the execution of that idea.

I got from someone an old warehouse, made ​​of an old orange crate. Very coarse and too small for 1:12. I would love to make an inventors workshop. With all kinds of junk, books, paint, silly inventions and an interior that is not maintained. I think that warehouse actually quite suitable for that. It looks very old and when I get out of a floor it could be suitable I have now scraped all loose parts from the walls, and the most painted with gesso.
To be continued...

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Ascension said...

Que fantastico trabajo has hecho con esos libros.
Me encanta como va tu casita, quedara genial.
besitos ascension