03 December 2012


Vorige week kwam ik een patroontje tegen van een rendierkop, van Rudolf. Ik vond ‘m zo lief dat ik heb ‘m meteen 1:1 gehaakt. Het resultaat en het patroontje kun je vinden op mijn weblog. Daar staan ook een paar gehaakte kerstballen die ik heb bedacht n.a.v. datzelfde patroon welke ik heb aangepast. Deze ballen probeer ik maar niet in 1:12. Mijn handigheid in haken heeft zijn grenzen.
Natuurlijk moest ik Rudolf wel in het klein haken. Als miniatuurfreak kan ik daar niet omheen. Het was een heel gepriegel maar het is gelukt. Rudolfje is 2 cm klein. Wat ik er nou mee moet weet ik nog niet. Mijn uitvinder drs. Cee (1:12) is ‘m druk aan het bestuderen. Misschien kan hij er wat mee.



07 November 2012

Vloertje enzo voor drs. Cee

Van sigarenkistjes en vuurwerkhoutjes ben ik Drs. Cee aan het helpen met zijn ladder en vloertje. Hij krijgt een extra ruimte in zijn atelier. Hij wordt soms zo moe van al dat nadenken, tja dan moet je zo nu en dan een dutje kunnen doen. Beneden in zijn atelier raakt alles vol met zijn uitvindsels, boeken en rommel. Ik vroeg of hij een bed of een luie stoel wilde... Heb natuurlijk nog geen duidelijk antwoord gekregen. Vooralsnog voldoet de vloer ook wel geloof ik. Al denk ik niet dat hij slaapt... hij denkt na, denk ik.

Update: Het begint er een beetje op te lijken. Maar hij mompelt iets over “krapjes, koud en kussens”…. ???

21 May 2012

"Goat-woolen" socks

Drs. Cee got a letter .... from Nella! In one way or another, she found out that Cee grumbled something about "can not think with cold feet" ... Well, Nella starts knitting ofcourse!

Cee sat staring at those nice warm socks for 
nearly an hour ... and said nothing of course....

So on his behalf: Thanks Nella! You are wunderfull!


26 April 2012

Drs. Cee, inventor

Here he is ... staring, thinking and not approachable: Drs. Cee

He was standing there. I quickly locked the LockClock and yes, he didn't move anymore. So I could take a picture. But I just dared to take one picture ... afraid he get's scared and
unfocused.... You never know what might happen then ...

 His name is Cornelis, I made this doll  a long time ago. But then he was just a man of middle age. His hair turned white and has grown. He also has a mustache now. His coat I made last week​​. How it got so dirty so fast ...??

21 April 2012


The inventor was out of the running for a while, but when I looked around the corner this afternoon, I saw why ... he had locked his LockClock. Well, then the time stops in his house. So... I have unlocked the clock. Now  he can go on inventing...

08 April 2012

Simple to make: Forsythia blossom sprigs

Because it is Easter and a few forsythia branches looks so happy, I quickly made ​​a few branches:
From the garden I picked some twigs: 

I plucked some from a faded Spirea
Here and there a little dollop of glue on it with a toothpick...
Then gently sprinkle all sides with fine yellow sand (perhaps yellow flowersoft also could work)...
And ready is your forsythia-blossom-twig
Happy Easter!

26 March 2012

Busy with the fair ...

... on April 7 in Drachten.  
I'm Still working on putting together packets but most of the work is finished. 
New are the Rudbeckia, Lavender and Tagetes Erecta (Marigold) in yellow and orange.
I'm also making DIY packets of flower tubs with rolborder and benefit packages containing a flower container and the filling. In 2 types:
with Rudbeckia, daisies and lavender and
with Columbine, marigold (Tagetes) and Mimosa.
See you at the Fair in Drachten (April 7).

11 March 2012

Rudbeckia 1:12

Made Rudbeckia (yellow flowers) today. Looks nice in my 1:12 garden :-)
Now I'm working on making the job description ...

23 February 2012

Just mist him/her/it...

I was busy making a miniature hanging plant... I hear rumbling downstairs. I thought "What's that?" When I went downstairs... nothing to see. As I usually do I look at the PC which is always on (except at night) and surprise... I see the inventor looking at my webpage. Quick getting my cellphone... tried to take a picture from him / her / it. Unfortunately, he / she / it was too fast. In his rush inventor has lost something ... so I am almost 100% sure it was the inventor.

Here are the pics ...

07 February 2012

Crabcracker and Winewopper

Well, shoot me ... the inventer turns crazy. But he has applied for a patent for these two inventions. Whether they actually work, I wonder. But as can be seen that crab cruncher does. And wop wine??? Would that be nice?

06 February 2012

A sunbeamtransformer

That he has invented. My miniature inventor. His house is not finished (or is it her house??), But he doesn't care. The inventioning must go on. A sunbeamtransformer. What exactly that thing does is not clear to me, but he captures sunlight and does something with it, that I understand. He can also move the sunbeam. I would like to study the drawings. But where he has left those drawings? Hard to fathom that man. Or ... that woman... I don't know. Hard to observe that human being. He/she is busy at night and quite shy ...

02 January 2012

Miniature books en the Inventor

Tinkering, messing with materials, inventing is relaxation for me. Looking for materials, thinking, searching for inspiration ... great fun.
A nice job was making miniature books, old newspapers and other documents. Searching on the Internet, putting various kinds of paper through the printer and experimenting with it. I want the use books for different projects. For my "forgotten Christmas" and a new idea. Well, the idea is not new, but I'm now starting with the execution of that idea.

I got from someone an old warehouse, made ​​of an old orange crate. Very coarse and too small for 1:12. I would love to make an inventors workshop. With all kinds of junk, books, paint, silly inventions and an interior that is not maintained. I think that warehouse actually quite suitable for that. It looks very old and when I get out of a floor it could be suitable I have now scraped all loose parts from the walls, and the most painted with gesso.
To be continued...