23 February 2012

Just mist him/her/it...

I was busy making a miniature hanging plant... I hear rumbling downstairs. I thought "What's that?" When I went downstairs... nothing to see. As I usually do I look at the PC which is always on (except at night) and surprise... I see the inventor looking at my webpage. Quick getting my cellphone... tried to take a picture from him / her / it. Unfortunately, he / she / it was too fast. In his rush inventor has lost something ... so I am almost 100% sure it was the inventor.

Here are the pics ...

07 February 2012

Crabcracker and Winewopper

Well, shoot me ... the inventer turns crazy. But he has applied for a patent for these two inventions. Whether they actually work, I wonder. But as can be seen that crab cruncher does. And wop wine??? Would that be nice?

06 February 2012

A sunbeamtransformer

That he has invented. My miniature inventor. His house is not finished (or is it her house??), But he doesn't care. The inventioning must go on. A sunbeamtransformer. What exactly that thing does is not clear to me, but he captures sunlight and does something with it, that I understand. He can also move the sunbeam. I would like to study the drawings. But where he has left those drawings? Hard to fathom that man. Or ... that woman... I don't know. Hard to observe that human being. He/she is busy at night and quite shy ...