26 April 2012

Drs. Cee, inventor

Here he is ... staring, thinking and not approachable: Drs. Cee

He was standing there. I quickly locked the LockClock and yes, he didn't move anymore. So I could take a picture. But I just dared to take one picture ... afraid he get's scared and
unfocused.... You never know what might happen then ...

 His name is Cornelis, I made this doll  a long time ago. But then he was just a man of middle age. His hair turned white and has grown. He also has a mustache now. His coat I made last week​​. How it got so dirty so fast ...??

21 April 2012


The inventor was out of the running for a while, but when I looked around the corner this afternoon, I saw why ... he had locked his LockClock. Well, then the time stops in his house. So... I have unlocked the clock. Now  he can go on inventing...

08 April 2012

Simple to make: Forsythia blossom sprigs

Because it is Easter and a few forsythia branches looks so happy, I quickly made ​​a few branches:
From the garden I picked some twigs: 

I plucked some from a faded Spirea
Here and there a little dollop of glue on it with a toothpick...
Then gently sprinkle all sides with fine yellow sand (perhaps yellow flowersoft also could work)...
And ready is your forsythia-blossom-twig
Happy Easter!